Using the Guide.

Each Page of the guide is made up of the following sections:
NOTE: Not all of the guide have been updated to the latest version, but they still contain the same basic information.

Info Box :
The picture changes every few seconds to give you a better idea what the game looks like.

Game details.
Shows details of the game: Name, Author, year of release, type of game, and language.

Compatibility notes:
The bottom section shows compatibility with KGen98, GenecystXXX, and WGens(0.XX).
A tick means it works, a cross means it doesn't.
The notes on the right hand side show any problems with the game, or if different settings from the defaults need to be used. (See Emulator Defaults for more details.)

Review :

Underneath the Info Box you will find a brief review of the game. These (mostly) come from the Scribe's text version of the G3 (Genesis Game Guide.) which was the inspiration for the Genesis Project.

Buttons :

Underneath the review you will sometimes see 3 buttons appear, click on the buttons to follow the links.

 There is a Manual or hints-and-tips/solution page for this game.

 Game Genie Codes are available for this game.
 See the section on 'Using Game Genie Codes' for more details.

 A Sonic's Secret file exists for this game.
 This can be anything from cheats to level codes.