Game Advanced Daisenryaku
(Advanced Military
Author/Vendor Systemsoft
Released 1988
Game Type Strategy
Language Japanese
Minor graphics problems! (Shadows/Hi-Lite)
Gens (0.92)
How would you like to fight a war, with all the resources of a modern military force at your disposal? That is the basic premise behind this popular series of Japanese strategy sims - so popular that at least one port was made for every major gaming console and home computer system in Japan at the time.

Advanced Daisenryaku, aka Advanced Military Commander is a true historical wargaming sim, as you get to take on the role of Adolf Hitler [!] as he conquers Europe during the initial stages of World War II . If you are a strategy buff, then you will go ape over what are the most sophisticated wargaming titles to be found for the platform. If you are an arcade gamer, look elsewhere - you will get bored fast.