Alex Kidd
In The Enchanted Castle


Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle.

Take Control.

Start Game Screen.

Game Options Screen.

Alex in Janken Land.

Lives and Rounds.


Item Selection Screen.

Janken House.

Paperock Rounds.

Paperock Hints.

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle.

The whole Kidd family is upset! Alex's father, King Thor, is missing!

At home on planet Aries, Alex hears a rumor that King Thor's been kidnapped by Ashra, the mean ruler of planet Paperock. Alex speeds to Paperock and starts searching for his dad.

But he runs right into trouble. All the creatures on Paperock decide to keep Alex away from Sky Castle. Ashra's hideaway. They block his path and chase him when he tries to get away. So Alex gets tough! He knows how to jump, punch, and kick. And he finds out how much fun it is when the creatures explode!

Alex uses his power wallops on anything that gets in his way. And then he grabs the gold and treasures that magically appear.

But a big surprise is waiting for this Kidd. Alex finds himself dragged into a game of Janken with the Paperock bullies. In this game, he's got to make a hand signal for paper, scissors, or rock at the same time as his opponent. If not, Alex gets bonked out and loses some of his gold. How embarrassing.

Will Alex make it to the Enchanted Castle and find his dad? Or will the smart - aleck Paperocks get a good laugh? It's up to you!

Take Control.

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle is a 1 Player game using Control Pad 1 only. Learn how to use you Control Pad buttons before beginning play.

Directional Pad
Before play:
* Press up or down to move the marker on the Start Game screen.
* Press in any direction to move the marker on the Game Options screen.

During Play:
* Press up, down, right, or left to move Alex in that direction.
* Press down and right or left to make Alex crawl in that direction.
* Press up when Alex is in front of a doorway to make him go through it.
* Press in any direction to move the marker on the Item Selection screen.

Start Button Before play:
* Press to start game.
* Press to continue from the Start Game screen.

During Play:
* Press to enter the Item Selection screen.

Button A
or Button C
Before play:
* Press to exit from the Game Options screen.

During Play:
* Press to make Alex jump.
* Release during a jump to make Alex kick.
* On the Item Selection screen,
   press to pick up or put back the item that the marker points to.
* Press Button A to exit from the Item Selection screen.

Button B * Press to make Alex punch and push blocks.
* On the Item Selection screen, press to put back an item you're carrying.

On the Sukopako
* Press the D-Pad right to speed up and left to slow down.
* Pressing the D-Pad up or down has no effect.
* Press Button A or C to jump.

In the Pedicopter * Press the D-Pad left or right to fly in that direction.
* Pressing the D-Pad up or down has no effect.
* Press Button A or C continuously to rev up and take off.
* Press Button B to fire missiles.

On the Pogo Stick * Press the D-Pad left or right to move in that direction.
* Press the D-Pad down for low jumps.
* Pressing the D-Pad up has no effect.
* Press Button A or C for high jumps.

Swimming * Press and hold the D-Pad up, down, right, or left to make Alex
   swim in that direction.
* Release the D-Pad to make Alex float to the surface.
* While pressing the D-Pad up, press Button A or C to make Alex
   jump. Alex can jump only when he is  on the surface of the water.
* Press Button B to punch.

Start Game Screen.

At the Title screen, press the Start Button to see the Start Game screen. Then press the D-Pad to move the marker to Start or Options. Select Start and press the Start Button again to begin play. Select Options and press the Start Button to see the Game Options screen.

Game Options Screen.

Use this screen to review and change your game settings before playing the game.

If you have 1000 Baums of gold (or more) when the game ends, Continue lets you begin a new game at the round where the last game ended. Select Continue and press Button A to resume play. If you don't have enough gold, the words "NO Credits" appear and you cannot continue.

Select the number of lives Alex will have when the game starts. When you change the number of lives, the difficulty level also changes.
   Easy * Alex has 5 lives per game, and his enemies are only moderately mean.
   Normal   * Alex has 3 lives per game, and he and the bullies are equally matched.
   Hard * Alex has 1 life per game, and Paperockers are everywhere.

You can change the functions of Buttons A, B, and C:
Buttons A & C    JUMP  PUNCH

Sound Test
Use this option to choose a game sound. Press Button A or C to preview the sound.

Select this option to practice playing Janken. Press the D-pad to select your opponent. Then press Button A or C to step onto the Janken stage.
In Janken, you and your opponent both make a hand sign at the same time. There are 3 signs: paper, scissors, and rock. The player who makes the most powerful sign wins. The rules are:
Paper vs. Rock * Paper covers rock so paper wins.
Rock vs. Scissors * Rock breaks scissors so rock wins.
Scissors vs. Paper   * Scissors cut paper so scissors win.

Press the D-Pad to select a sign, then press Button A to start playing. The judges will count, and then you and your opponent will show your signs. When the Janken game is over, you can choose another opponent. Or you can press Button B to return to the Game Options screen.

Select this option to return to the Start Game screen.

Alex in Janken Land

On Paperock planet, Alex must punch, kick, and leap to get past his enemies and other obstacles. He also finds treasure chests, which he can break open for gold and other goodies. Sometimes he's got to smash rocks before he can get to the treasure.

Gold Baum
Press Button B to punch. Hold down Button A or C to jump. While jumping, release the button to kick. When you defeat an enemy or open a chest, gold coins and bags of gold fall out. Run over the gold to grab it. Gold pieces are called Baums. You need lots of Baums to win!

Punch and kick rocks to break them. Butt your head against ceiling rocks to punch through. Punch through breakable rocks. You can't break indestructible rocks. Jump and bounce off rubber rocks for greater distance.

Lives and Rounds

Alex must get through all 11 rounds of the game to find his dad. He starts his search with 1, 3, or 5 lives (depending on your difficulty level). If Alex gets hit by an enemy or falls on an obstacle, he loses a life. But he can revive as long as he has lives left.

At the end of each round Alex finds a rice ball. Grab the rice ball to finish round.

If Alex loses all his lives, the game ends. If you have 1000 Baums of gold or more, you can continue by pressing Start, then move the D-Pad to option, press Start and then press A.


When Alex breaks open a red or black treasure chest, he finds gold and other goodies:

* Gold coin, worth 10 Baums.
* Bag of gold, worth 100 Baums.
* Tokens let Alex figure out what his opponent is thinking when playing Janken.
* Alex doll, Extra life.
* Bombs will destroy Alex if he gets caught in their explosion.

Item Selection Screen

Press the Start Button during play to see the Item Selection screen. Use this screen to pick up items that help you win!

Press the D-Pad to move the marker to the item you want. Then press Button A or C. The letter "E" appears next to the item, showing that you've chosen it. Move the marker to Exit and press Button A to resume play.

To put back an item, go to the Item Selection screen. Move the marker to the item you're using and press Button A, B, or C. Then press Start Button to resume play.

You can use more than one item at the same time. And you can carry more than one of the same item. The numbers by the items show how many you're carrying.

Power Bracelet
When you punch or jump, this throws a crescent weapon, Use this to knock out enemies from a distance. You can't use the Power Bracelet when riding a vehicle or using the Wizard's cane.

Sukopako Motorcycle
Bash into your enemies on this to send them flying. You'll lose the motorcycle if you crash into an indestructible rock.

Jump into this to fly! Hold down Button A or C to take off. While flying, press Button B to fire missiles.

Pogo Stick
Hop high on your Pogo Stick. Use this to get to enemies, obstacles, and treasure chests high above you.

Wizard's Cane
Use this to walk through the air for a short time. You can use the Cane one time only.

Makes you indestructible against everything except lava lakes and suspended ceilings. You can use the Cape only once.

Helps you figure out what your opponent is thinking when playing Janken.

Shows how many lives Alex has left in the game.

Janken House

The Janken House is where you play Janken, the game of  rock, scissors, and paper. To get there, stand in front of a doorway and press the D-Pad up.

You'll find yourself on stage with your opponent. Read the message at the top of the screen. Then press Button A or C to see the next message.

Press the D-Pad to choose your sign (paper, scissors, or rock). Then press Button A or C to start playing. If you win, you get the item in the center of the stage. If your opponent wins, you get bonked out and lose gold.

A Big Bully at the end of a round may challenge you to an automatic game of  Janken. You must defeat the Bully or Alex won't be able to find his dad.

Paperock Rounds.

Round 1: Rookietown
Demolish planes and cars with punches and kicks. Grab lots of gold so you can buy winning items. Look for the underground passage.

Round 2: The Prarie
Watch out for Prarie Dogs, Dirt Beetles, and Crazy Condors. When Hedgehogs curl into balls they're indestructible.

Round 3: The Splashy Sea
Pufferfish are full of hot air. The Sunfish can take a lot of wallops before giving up. Demolish the Octopus a tentacle at a time, but don't get inked!

Round 4: Scorpion Desert
The Scorpion's sting is deadly! Ant Lions try to snag you from their traps.

Round 5: Pyramid
Mummies and Scorpions will give you the creeps!

Rounds 6: Hiho Forest
Blaze a path through the trees. Duck or destroy the Bee Brutes and Magic Monkeys. The Woodcutter chops up everything he sees, including you!

Round 7: Tropics Town
A sister city to Rookietown.

Round 8: Rocky Mountain #1
Don't lose your footing or you're a goner! Take a ride on the suspension bridges!

Round 9: Rocky Mountain # 2
Climb, climb, climb! The Old Wizard and rolling stones test your mountain assault skills.

Round 10: In the Sky
Use the Pedicopter for this airy race. Blast the Blimp!

Round 11: Sky Castle
Punch the levers to control the suspended ceilings. Don't fall on the spears. Keep a lookout for mice, robots, and chameleons - they're all mean. The Fire Ghost is indestructible. Alex may find his dad, King Thor, in Sky Castle. He may also get a surprise!

Paperock Hints

* Collect as much gold as you can.

* Be sure to use the items in the Item Selection screen. Choose the most useful item for your situation. If you're not using an item, put it back. Sometimes you can carry more than one of the same item.

* Timing your punches and kicks just right is very important. Watch your enemies and learn how to press the button to punch at just the right moment.

* There are no impossible places - you just have to figure out how to get to them.

* Get a long running start for high jumps.

* Figure out how to use suspended ceilings to help you win!