Game Budokan
- The Martial Spirit
Author/Vendor Electronic Arts
Released 1990
Game Type Beat 'em up
Language English
Minor graphics problems on the EA screen! - Use the (U) dump.
Major graphics problems!
Gens (0.95)
Works with the ()[c][!] dump.
This game, Budokan - The martial spirit ()[c][!], was released without a header and both the
original cart and the rom will only work on a mark1 genesis. This is apparently a common problem
with some of EA's earlier releases.
The (U) dump is a hacked version with a header added which allows it to run on mark2 & 3 Genesis'
and within emulators.
A street tough escaping from his latest round with the law is surprised by an elderly Oriental gentleman who tells him that he fights like a "headless chicken," but has promise. He then offers the tough the chance of a lifetime - joining the Tobiko-Ryu Dojo and learing the true path of the warrior.

An early entry in the two-player beat-'em-up genre. Think Jordan Mechner's Karateka with a two-player versus mode but without the cool story and you begin to get the idea.

This is one of three early Electronic Arts games that only work with the original version of the G/MD console.