Game Coach K
College Basketball
Author/Vendor Electronic Arts
Released 1997
Game Type Sports
Language English
No Multi-tap (3/4 player) support.
Turn Raster-Fx ON. Minor graphics problems (Shadow/Hi-lite)!
For some stange reason all the sound options get set to OFF when using
this game with Genecyst - turn them back ON in the options menu!

No Multi-tap (3/4 player) support.
Gens (0.99)
Click Here for Multi-Tap setup!
Basketball game focusing on the 1996 NCAA Final Four college basketball tournament featuring an endorsement by legendary coach Mike Krzyfausci(?). Includes all of the tournament teams, full tournament play, and a wide range of user options that let you custom the game to suit your playing needs.

The best college basketball game of its day for a 16-bit plaform - period. If you don't believe me, go play the game!