Crusader of Centy FAQ and Walkthrough


Game Controls



Game Controls:
 Control Pad    Action
 D-Pad  Walk/Run In 8 directions
 A Button  Talk to characters

 Press quickly to slash sword

 Press and hold to charge sword

 When sword is charged (glowing), release to throw sword

 B Button  Jump
 C Button  Activates animals.

 For some animals, this causes them to perform a particular action.

 For others, it will make them stand in front of you and protect you.  

 Start Button  Pauses game, and brings up the animal selection menu.


1. Soleil Town - Corona's 14th Birthday

It's Corona's 14th birthday! Your mother will give you your father's sword, as is custom for the village. After a few moments, you will hear a fireworks outside. Your friends head outside to see the warrior Amon off to battle. Once they leave, talk to your mother and she'll tell you to report your birthday to the king. The castle is on the north side of town, so head there.

As you enter the castle, you will see Amon receive the Holy Sword for completing his training. Talk to the king, and he will grant you access to the Rafflesia Training Grounds. Exit the town and head to the training grounds.

2. Rafflesia School - Beginner's Course

Once you enter, talk to Duffy to learn about the courses. He's standing in front of the Beginner's Course, where you can go and find the Bronze Medal.

The Beginner's Course doesn't require any special abilities, so enter it. Don't forget to slash the grass, boxes, and chests as you go through it, as you'll need at least 20 Malins to buy the Sword Throwing technique later. Plus, there's a lot of apples lying around to replenish your health. The Beginner's Course introduces you to the objects and puzzles you'll face in the first half of the game. Just keep heading north, and you'll make your way through the course.

You'll come to a sign which reads "Slash the red switch to light the fuse". Of course, it doesn't say which switch. The right switch will reveal 6 Malins, and the left switch creates spikes in the pit you must walk around. On a raised platform, there are twelve mounds on a raised platform in a 4X4 matrix. Slash them to pass, but some of them hide spikes. They are arranged as follows:

X = Spikes   

O = No Spikes                       













Once you find the "Monster Crossing" sign, you can head right to meet a few monsters. You can't do anything here yet, so head left.

There's a red switch block in from of a group of trees. Hitting the switch block will remove the trees and unleash a load of bees, as well as removing the blue blocks to your left. Bees cannot hurt you directly, but they will push you into the spikes that are unveiled after hitting the switch. Hit the next red block you find to remove the columns in your way. Head past the moving spikes, slash the mounds, walk through the shallow water, and walk into the blue blocks to make them disappear. The chest containing the Bronze Medal should be right in front of you, so open it and head north to exit.

2b. Rafflesia School - Sword Throwing

Re-enter the training ground and go into the house there. For 20 Malins, the Swordthrower will teach you how to throw your sword. If you don't have 20 Malins yet, head back through the Beginner's Course and slash some grass/boxes/chests to find them. You can't go through the other courses yet, so head back to Soleil Town.

3. Soleil Town - Trouble in Dahlia Valley

Back in Soleil Town, go to the house with the two doors and talk to the man there. He'll tell you that his sister is in Dahlia Valley, but he can't go there because he can't throw a sword. You can, however, so head there.

4. Dahlia Valley - Big Bad Wolf

Head up the mountain using the ladders and climbing walls (they look different from the standard cliffs there). Mid-way up the mountain, there's two blocked doors together behind two rocks that you can't pass. Throw your sword at the doors, and the water you release will drop you on top of a house. Before you enter, there are four boxes which contain apples, so replenish your health before entering.

The first boss is inside the house - the Wolf. He attacks by hitting himself on the head with a mallet, and the stars around his head will move out and attack you. Keep your distance, and throw your sword at him four times to defeat him. The stars block your sword, so either time your attacks well or wait until the stars expand and hit him while he's unprotected.

After defeating the Wolf, the Old Lady will tell you about the fortune teller in the plaza at Soleil Town. Head back there to find her. To the right of the house is another blocked door - hit it with your sword to unleash a cascade of water to bring you down to a lower level so you can exit.

5. Soleil Town - Talk to the Animals

Head to the left of the town to the Plaza. The fortune teller's tent is on the left side of the plaza (surrounded by flags). The right tent contains a mermaid who will sell you an extra HP for 800 Malins. You will probably be a bit short on cash at the moment, so just go to the left tent to talk to the fortune teller.

Talk to the fortune teller, and she'll grant you the ability to talk to plants and animals. Unfortunately, you won't be able to talk to humans anymore.

Head back to your house and talk to Mac, your dog, and he'll join you. Assign him to an animal slot, and then talk to the other animals and talking flowers in the plaza and town to find out other information. Head back to Dahlia Valley when you're through.

6. Dahlia Valley - Jump!

Head to the top of the mountain, and enter the cave on the right. Talk to the hare twice, and he will teach you to jump by throwing you onto the rocks in the middle of the water. Head north to exit the area and go to Anemone Beach.

7. Anemone Beach - The Octopus

Head alongside the cliff until you see the first ladder going up. Head north, and hit the switch that creates a ladder back down. Follow the cliff north until you come to two mounds blocking a ladder going up. Go up, head left, and throw your sword at the red block. Retrace your steps (down, right, up), and head north past Sonic (Sonic???). There's a two more red switches for a ladder back down and an apple. Continue heading north until you reach the village.

Once in the village, go the leftmost hut and jump up and down on the mat in front of the door three times to open it. Inside, talk to Daddyphant twice to learn how to pick up and throw objects. It's also a good idea to go visit Ramsey's hut and hire a kitty, which basically doubles your life bar (one time only). You're now ready to go north to one of the most frustrating levels of the game!

In this section, be very careful of the wind! It shifts from left to right, and can blow you off of any cliff.

Pick up and throw the big red rock to make it disappear. Head to your right and go to the far right of the area jump on the switch, and then back just to the left of the raised area, hitting and jumping on red blocks as you come to them. Once you reach the dead end, head back south and to your left, jump on the block next to the cliff, and wait for a good westward wind. Jump to the platform to the far left, and continue north.

Follow the land to the right, until you come to a red circle block. Jump on it, continue to the east and as far north as you can go. You'll come to a raft, so pick it up, throw it over the blocks, chop the blocks down, pick up the raft, and go to the first open edge on your left. Jump and throw the raft at the first rock. If you hit the rock with the raft, it will collapse. If not, you can jump to the raft and slash the rock with your sword. If you can, pick up the raft; if not, walk down a screen or two and walk back up and grab another raft. Repeat for the next two rocks, and continue west.

On this island, pick up the raft, go to the edge of the cliff facing north, and throw the raft. If you threw it far enough, you'll be able to jump to it, and then jump to the next two blocks. Now there will be a yellow blob floating in the sea you can jump on. Wait for the wind to die down, time your jump, and jump twice to the north-most platform. From here, slash the grass to get apples, and then walk north to the next screen.

The next boss, Octopus, is pretty simple. Avoid the ice he throws, and throw the sword to hit him eight times to defeat him. After the first four hits, he gets mad and starts throwing more ice. With a full health bar, you should be able to concentrate more on hitting him quickly, and less on dodging the ice.

Destroying the Octopus will free Chilly the penguin who will join you for the rest of the journey. Head south to leave the area and head north to Hot Daisy.

8. Hot Daisy - Quick Tour

This is just an "in the way" area. Just head west, dodging, jumping, and slashing. The fire creatures can only be destroyed by a thrown sword with Chilly selected. Eventually, you'll come to a lava fountain. Just select Chilly and throw the sword at the fountain, which will freeze the lava. Next, climb down, avoid the flames, grab the money, double back, climb up, hit the switch, and continue left to exit to Burn Daisy.

9. Burn Daisy - The Shuffler

Enter the cave, and take the first right path. Go down when you come to a ladder, down again, and then north to the staircase surrounded by blocks. Push a block out of your way, and head downstairs.

Jump from rock to rock until you come to solid ground again. There will be two rows of blocks in your way:









Push 6 up to trap the fire between 1 and 5, and then push 8 up, 7 right, and three up twice to move on upstairs. Go right throw your sword at the switch to create a staircase, do it again with the next block, jump to the ground to your right, and head north, then west to go back downstairs. Follow the trail until you reach the lava, ignoring the first cave you see (you can't do anything there yet). Your first jump is to the northeast, and continue jumping from platform to platform until you reach solid ground again. There's an easy-to-grab money bag along the way, along with a burnt bird. Once you're back on solid ground, refill your health with a few hidden apples, and go into the next cave.

The Shuffler's pretty simple. He splits into eight pieces, but you can only slash one of them (the one that flashes red before he shuffles). He can't hurt you by touch, but if you slash the wrong piece first, you will lose health instead of him when you finally slash the right one. Repeat six times. Once Shuffler's defeated, you'll release the Cecil the flying squirrel. Leave the cave to the south, and go right once you're outside to continue to Iris.

10. Iris - You've been Slimed!

Follow along the path (it's pretty one-way) until you come to a dead-end. To get past the floating green spikes, just duck in a hole as they pass over. Just the other side and to the south of the spikes is an Apple of Life on an island in the middle of the lava. Jumping to it should present no problems. Once you come to the dead-end (a bunch of trees lie in your path), select Cecil and throw the sword northeast from the northeast-most point you can go to (next to the trees). You'll hit a switch that will unleash a flow of lava you can jump over to continue on your path. Next, head north, then west, south, and then west again to reach the village.

Of course, you can't talk to anyone in the village yet, so head north and talk to the flower next to the giant hole. Buy his information twice, then head back south to the village. From the village, go west. Again, the path is fairly one-way, so keep moving until you hit the next dead-end. Throw your sword northeast again, jump over the new lava, head north, jump over the next pool of lava, grab the moneybag you saw next to the dead-end, and continue to the north.

In this village, go to the squirrel's cave (northeast corner) and fix all of the holes in the floor by pushing the brown blocks on top of them. Talk to the father squirrel, and he'll give you an Apple of Life. Next, go talk to the rabbit (in the left-hand cave), and you'll get your next destination - the Tower of Babel. In the northwest corner, Ramsey has a cave where you can get a replacement kitty (if you lost yours), and an Eggbomb. Next, head west to the racetrack (you'll need at least 70 Malins, so go back south to the forest if you don't have enough.

At the racetrack, talk to the rabbit and agree to race the cheetah for 20 Malins. Before getting into the car, talk to Flash the cheetah and give him 50 Malins to slow down. Once you do this, beating him in the race and having him join you should be a cinch! (Controls: D-Pad right and left to turn, A to accelerate, B to brake).

Leave the racetrack, head south from the village, and to the west. Select Flash, and jump over the large hole. (Save your game here, because you won't be able to in a moment). Jump over the barrier, and bang, you've been turned into a slime! Go to the south, and then east, then north to meet the other slimes. When Amon comes, run for the slime's cave. Talk to the mother slime, and she'll tell you how to go talk to Klin. Go to Klin's house, talk to him, and then head back to the slime cave. Talk to MaSlime again, who will tell you how to get into the witch's house. Go to the star in the southwest corner, and jump on the center of it ten times (you'll hear a click sound if you're on the right spot). Doing this will open the gate to the witch's house.

Talk to the witch, and she'll open up the door at the back. Talk to the mirror, and it will tell you about the puzzle. This is the classic "Chicken, Grain, and Wolf" puzzle. To solve it, push the caterpillar to the red carpet, return to the green carpet, push the flower to the red carpet, push the caterpillar to the green carpet, push the bird to the red carpet, return to the green carpet, and push the caterpillar to the red carpet. Return to the witch, who will turn you human again. Pieces the caterpillar will also join you, although he's quite useless right now. Jump on the blocks and over the hole (with Flash selected) to exit, and then head south to the Camellia Desert.

11. Camellia Desert - Puzzle time!

The desert is a pretty rough place. Head south until you hit a wall, then turn west until you get to a large group of whirlpools. Make your way past to the west to go to the next area. On this screen, there are several rocks, brown blocks, green blocks and a single red block next to a raised area with a fuse.

You'll need to move the red block to the fuse. The area is arranged like this:

O - Rock (immovable)

X - Raised Area

F - Fuse

B - Brown Block (can be slashed to remove)

1,2,3 - Green Blocks (can be pushed)

R - Red Block (can be pushed)

OO  O     XXXX

B      1B   XXXX

O   O     BXXXX

O           2FXXX

R3 O     BXXXX


First, slash all of the brown blocks. Push Green Block 1 as far east as you can, push block 2 north as far as you can, and block three as far north as you can. Next, push the red block the following directions: west, west, north, west, west, west, west. Slash the red block (which should be next to the fuse) to open up the area. Go to the large group of whirlpools, and to the west to continue. There's also a hidden Apple of Life if you follow the path to the north back around to just north of where you started. You'll need to use Flash and Cecil to get to it.

In the middle left area of the whirlpools, there's a spot to stand still open on the left-hand side. Make your way there, and then throw the sword at the red blocks to open up the area to the west. Head west, then south until you come to a huge area of spikes and holes in the ground. Jump from hole to hole, making your way south to exit the area. Another block-pushing puzzle:

   XX        1       X

X      2   3   4R5X

    X    6    7  8  X  

    X9        0a  bX

    Xc        de    X

    Xfg     h   i   jX

    Xk  l   m       X

    Xno  p        X

    Xqrs   XXX

    Xt     vFXX

    Xy  z  XXX

    XAB  XXX


Move: 4 South

           5 South

           East 3 times

           3 East

           h East

           l West

           p West

           v South

           East 3 times, South 8 times, slash it!

If you mess up, just go north to the next screen and come back south again.

Next, go south past all of the whirlpools with spikes until you come to a rock formation blocking an area that looks like this:



O   O*


Stand at the "*", and throw your sword (with Cecil selected) northwest. It will hit a red switch. Next, make your way back around to the southwest, and to the village. Talk to the creatures there, especially Dippy, the dinosaur (he won't join you yet). You can hire Batty, the bat, at Ramsey's hut for 100 Malins. To leave, head south, slash the switch, and take the path to the left.

Next stop: Tower of Babel.

12. Tower of Babel - Roxie the Rope

Enter the tower, take the express elevator, and then climb the rope.

Oops, that's not a rope, that's a boss, Roxie! He's invincible most of the time - just wait and dodge until he throws the eight energy bursts at you, then run up and slash him with your sword while his heart is exposed. His attacks/your counters are pretty simple:

 Boss Movement  Attack/Counter
 Taps right side  dodge left
 Taps left side  dodge right
 Taps both sides  dodge down (center of screen, as far down as you can go)  
 Thows hands  slash them with sword
 Jumps, dances, or spins    wait and watch
 Energy burst  dodge, then attack while he recovers (at least three hits)

Eight slashes will take him out. Chilly will tell you about Freesia,across the see to the south. You can't cross the sea yet, though, so head back to the desert.

13. Camellia Desert - Dippy the Cowardly Dinosaur

Enter the desert through the south entrance and return to the village to talk to Dippy. He'll refuse, so walk away, but he'll change his mind and join you anyway. Once you have Dippy, you can go to Castle Freesia across the sea to the south.

14. Castle Freesia - Georama

Head south, and you'll see a lion trapped in a prison. To release him, select Cecil and throw the sword at an angle from the open entrance you can get to. A northeast throw should do the trick. Once freed, Inferno the lion will join you (once you talk to him, that is). Inferno is very useful here, as he can take out the snow monsters quite easily. Head into the castle (just north of the prison).

First, to get a money bag: Hit both switch blocks and go to the north-most entrance to room 2, throw the sword at a switch block and return to room 1, go to the south entrance of room 2, and get the money bag!

Go to room 4 and take the north-most of the left passageways. Go all the way to room 6 to hit a teleporter to room 3. Go to the south teleporter of room 3 to jump to room 9. Select Cecil, and throw the sword northwest from the southwest corner of the enclosure. Return to room 4, and go north back to room 9. Head to room B and hit both switches. You can talk to some penguins in the north room, and then head south to room 7 and enter the teleporter there to room 6. Jump over the chasm (selecting Flash first), and head back to room 4. Jump in the teleporter there to room D. Throw a flaming sword (Inferno) at the ice block to free Amon, and go to the walkway. Throw a sword at both switches in room D, and then go to room 7 (still on the walkway). Hit the little creature twice to remove the north group of blocks, and then twice more to remove the south group of blocks. Head back to room 7 via the teleporter in 4. Head south, and use Cecil to throw your sword at the other side of the wide chasm's switch blocks before trying to jump over it using Flash. Head north to the Boss room from here.

The boss, Georama, will appear when you open the chest. Easy: when he's red, throw a sword with Chilly selected. When he's blue, throw the sword with Inferno selected. No sweat. Six hits will take him out. Once he is defeated, you will be transported to another room with a bunch of frozen trees. Just slash the only one that sits against the west wall to open up a path to Root Temple.

Penguins    Boss

    #             #

#####      #####     #####

#  B   ####  |A  ####  9  #

#####      #####     #####

    #              #             #

######      ####     #####

#        #      # D #    #      #

#====####===#   #  8  #

#         #     #     #    #      #

#         #     ####     #####

# 7      #      #             #

#         ###############

#                                 |   #



#####     #####     #####

#       ####===###        #

#  6   #    #  5   #   #  4   #

#       ####===####      #

#####     #####     #####


#####     #####     #####

#===####       ####      #

#  2   #    #  1   #    #  3  #

#       ####       #    #      #

#####     #####     #####



15. Root Temple - Leviathan

This is a pretty straightforward section. The large stationary fish will blow bubbles at you which will sweep you along whatever path they travel, but you can kill the fish with Chilly and your thrown sword, and block the bubbles with movable blocks. You can only stay underwater for 60 seconds at a time, so get to a ladder going up if you're running out.

Continue along the only path until you run into the green push blocks next to a large fish. You can't kill the fish, but when you're pushing something (like that green block), you can't be blown away by the bubbles. Next, there's another fish trying to prevent your progress. Either keep pushing one of those green blocks, or just travel just north of the bubbles and jump over the holes in the ground. Next are a lot of rocks that you can destroy with your sword (and a money bag). Just north of there are a series of moving blocks that you'll have to jump between. Jump to the right to kill a bubble-blowing fish and then jump back north. Before jumping back onto the normal ground, throw your sword north to clear a boulder in the way. South of the snake, there's a path to an Apple of Life (just involves a lot of boulder-crushing and a two easy jumps).

North of the snake, there's a group of three green push-blocks and of course, a bunch of bubbles from another fish. It's too far away to kill so grab a block and start pushing. Once you get to the rocks, get another push block, push it in front of the fish, and go through the opening.

Leviathan is waiting in the next room. Hit him once with your sword to get him angry. He'll create an image of your mother that you must defend. Swing the sword to deflect his attacks, and throw the sword at him (with Inferno) to wear him down. Ten hits of the sword or his own attacks will make him stop. If you protected your mother well enough, he'll join you and raise the Temple.

Go back through the temple, and go just north of the original entrance. You'll notice land to the right- jump there using Flash and make your way to the exit in the East wall. From here, head back to the Tower.

16. Tower of Babel - Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles

Go back into the Tower of Babel, and Pieces will become a pupa and leave you for a while. Enter, and you'll see that the express elevator has been shut down. You have to now go through 11 levels of puzzles:

Level 1: With Cecil, throw your sword to hit the red blocks. The first is hit by standing on the right square north of the blocks and throwing the sword southeast. The third opens when you throw the sword southwest standing right next to the blue block.

Level 2: Hit the creature twice each time to make it move (and eat away more of the floor). Where do you stand to prevent dropping down? 1: Right, 2: Left, 3: North, 4: Right, 5: Right, 6: Left. From there, the door appears and you can jump to it.

Level 3: Ride Dippy (with Flash for speed) to walk over the moving floor, jumping off occasionally to hit the creatures in the way.

Level 4: Hack your way through the blocks, avoiding the flames. Remember, a flame can be trapped if you isolate it on a single block. Using Leviathan helps you swing the sword faster, which gets you through the level much quicker.

Level 5: Jump to the rubber band to the left of the entrance to be flung towards the other staircase.

Level 6: Once block in the floor is not mirrored exactly: From the lower right hand corner, up and left one block. Jump on it to open the staircase.

Level 7: Push the middle red block down once and left eleven times. There's a blue block two spaces north of where the red block is now: push it

left, then up twice. Then push the red block up five times (it should be next to the blue block you just pushed), and hit it to clear the way.

Level 8: Just guide yourself over to the other staircase. Good luck! If you keep hitting the B button, you'll jump occasionally, giving you a little more control.

Level 9: Use Leviathan to give yourself enough speed to take out the blocks in your way! Just hack and move fast! Alternatively, you can use Cecil to try and take out the big blocks before you get to them.

Level 10: Block-pushing time! Pick any three blocks in the middle (i.e.not touching either wall), and do the following four times (the fifth you can just push out of the way):

x x    1: Right         x 1 x

1 x    3: Right        2     x

2 x    2: Up     ->         x

3 x    1: Up                  x

x x    3: Down       x  3 x

level 11: You can't see the floor or where you are, but you can see the holes. Throw the sword to get your bearings, or just jump left a couple of times.

Top: You've made it! Go up to the small mound of dirt and press "A" to plant the seed. Climb up to continue.

17. Place of Peace - Maldra

Climb up and enter the Place of Peace. Talk to all of the people there.

If you run around and touch every flower (get them all dancing), the man at the northwest corner of the raised area will give you an Apple of Life. The man just north of the fountain replenishes life. When you're done, head north.

Make your way through the area (Flash and Leviathan help). Hit switches when you see them and throw your sword at pods to turn them into vines. Pods and some switches unleash bees, so be careful! When you see an exclamation point on a wall, that means that once you pass it, the walkway will crumble. In other words, move quickly! At the first junction pass that section, head north first. Make your way over the crumbling ground and through the narrow passage (you can jump over the flame) to hit the switch. Back-track to the junction and head right. Head left, hit the switch, and slide right and jump at the end of the track (JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!). If you miss, you can jump on the red switch to create a walkway back to try it again.

Head north, and follow the path until you find the last switch at a dead-end. Hit it, and back-track to the moving blocks. Head west (go north to solve a quick block-pushing puzzle for a money bag, push the blue blocks into place and hit the switch), and make your way back through the level to the slide with the JUMP! at the end. Now, there's a walkway in the way that will take you into the palace.

In the next area, it looks like you're trapped. Not so. Just walk north of the sign into the open air - there's an invisible floor! There's two more of these, and there's one way to spot them: You, Birds flying over them, and your animal companions all leave shadows on the invisible floors (which spell MAC).

Keep moving north, and stand next to the door with Mac as one of your companions.

In this area, there are four switches along the outside circle. Jump on them, and you'll awaken Maldra, the dragon. Just stay north of her, and when she follows you all the way north, quickly run south, wait for her to follow, and then stay just north of her again, attacking all the time (I recommend Leviathan and Flash). It takes 16 hits to dispose of her. After defeating her, you will be returned to the base of the tower. Pieces will awaken after you talk to the worker twice, and you can use him to hit the switch and exit the tower after grabbing the money bag to the right of the tower.

18. Rafflesia School - Intermediate Course

Now that you've got your language skills back, you can go to Rafflesia and finish the other two training courses. I'm not going into any details, as there are no real puzzles, and the course is fairly linear (only one path through it). Get the Silver Medal, exit, and then re-enter the course.

19. Rafflesia School - Expert Course

It's the quest for the Gold! You'll need Flash here, but you're on your own from here. Take your time, read the signs, and talk to the soldiers.

20. Soleil Town - Holy Sword

Now that you've got all three medals, go to the king and receive the Holy Sword, which is twice as powerful as your normal sword. Upstairs, go look at the rug in the bedroom to get an Apple of Life.

Go back to your house and visit your mother, and then go to the house for sale and visit your mother. Wait a second. Go back to your house and visit your mother, and then go to the house for sale and visit your mother. Select Mac and have him sniff out the imposter at the house for sale, Wong the raccoon.

There's one more apple to get here; First, talk to the cow in the flower garden, and he'll tell you about a certain flower. In Wiseman's garden, there's one flower moving in a different direction. Jump on it, and a bridge will allow you to get the apple!

Finally, head to Iris to uncover the reason for the snow.

21. Iris - Let It Snow!

Take the south entrance to Iris and make your way to the human village and the giant hole. Talk to the flower next to the hole (he's speechless), and then go back and talk to everyone in town to find out about the cyclone, Dorothy, and the magic shoes (sound familiar)? Talk to Chai, then Dorothy, then Chai twice more. Go back to the flower, buy his information, and then stand at the top of the giant hole to get swept up by the cyclone.

22. Iris - The Magic Shoes

To get Dorothy's shoes, head back to the animal village and throw the raft in the water right next to the Rio the armadillo to talk to him. He'll join you, and you can head back to the human village. Throw Rio into the water to use him as a plank, and you can get the shoes from the chest. Head out of Iris, and follow the cyclone to the Camellia Desert.

23. Camellia Desert - Monster Hunt

From the south entrance, hit the switch blocks to the north, then to the west, then head west to the previously abandoned city. Enter the temple, and head up to the second floor. Throw Rio at the red switch to open the way to the third floor. Head to the fifth floor and talk to the dying man. Walk back down to the fourth floor and notice the missing shadow in the hallway right in front of you. Walk through it, and jump your way down to the third floor. Slide your way back up to the fourth floor, and to the fifth.

Here, use Rio to cross the spikes, Rio or Flash to cross the chasm, and head upstairs. On the sixth floor, use Rio to hit the switch, and then climb down to get the awakening powder on the first floor. Go to the west door, and fight Chameleon.

Use Inferno to attack and Cheetah for maximum speed, slash the baby frogs, and stay above him to avoid getting eaten. He has sixteen hit-points, but Inferno takes three with each hit. Approach the sleeping Moa to awaken him, and he'll join you.

As you try to leave, you'll be imprisoned. On the north wall, there's a point on the floor where light is shining. Slash the wall here to open up a passage. Talk to the man in the hut and the man standing outside to return to the present. Leave the desert and follow the cyclone to Burn Daisy.

24. Burn Daisy - The PuppetMaster

From the south entrance of Burn Daisy, head to the cave on the north side of the level. Remember the burnt bird from the present? In the past, it's still alive, and ready to join you as Dodo the dodo. Enter the PuppetMaster's cave, and select Dodo and Moa. Throw the sword at the puppet, and the PuppetMaster will attack. Use Inferno and Moa to destroy the puppet, and the PupperMaster himself. Six hits will destroy him. The dungeon vanishes, and you can exit the way you came in.

25. Hot Daisy - A Quick Stop

Just picking up a few things here. On the long wooden bridge jump on the seventh plank from the right to create a rope down to a hidden Apple of Life. Also, now that you can jump, grab the money bag on the lower bridge.

26. Anemone Beach - Baron

Head to the animal village and talk with the chief twice. Talk to every animal in the village, then to the chief again. Follow the chief out of the village. Along the coastline, you'll see four starfish in a diamond shape. In the center of these starfish is the entrance to Baron's lair. You can spot it by the fact that you don't leave footprints there. Jump on the entrance to fight Baron.

Use Inferno and Mao to obliterate Baron in about three or four hits. If you use a less powerful combination, he keeps splitting into smaller and smaller pieces until you finally destroy the tiniest pieces.

After destroying Baron, you'll be returned to the village. Talk to all of the animals in the chief's hut to return to the present. Now is a good time to get that apple you couldn't earlier- just use Dodo and Monarchy together!

Finally, leave the beach and follow the cyclone to Dahlia Valley.

27. Dahlia Valley - MotherMonster

On the second level of the valley on the far left is a blocked door. Hit it to drop down to the bottom of the valley. Enter MotherMonster and make your way through it. There's only one path through the monster, so take it. When you come to a seemingly impassible flow of gunk flowing the wrong direction, just ride Dippy over it. Once you reach the heart of MotherMonster, select Chilly and Inferno, and throw the sword at the heart twice to kill it.

On returning to the present, grab the horn of MotherMonster, and leave the valley. Follow the cyclone to Soleil Town.

28. Soleil Town - Monster Escape

Back in time, monsters have escaped from the prison! Go to the castle, and go upstairs to the King's bedroom. The monsters flee to the church, so follow them there after talking to the King. Talk to each of the monsters, then go outside. After a valiant battle, soldiers slay the helpless monsters. Go back to the castle and talk to the king. Go back outside and read the sign at the fountain to return to the present.

The cyclone is now in the lake in the middle of the continent. Go to the lake and enter it (between the crossroads and the Desert).

29. Black Night - The Final Battle

First, push the green block over to one space above the water puddles to the north (6 east, 8 north). Then, climb up and hit the red switch, and use Dippy to cross the water you created. Go north over the rocks, using a combination of Leviathan and Flash. When you come to the dead-end, use Monarchy and Moa to hit the switch to your left. This opens up a new area, so continue with Leviathan and Flash. Use Moa and Flash to jump the large chasm. Next, throw Rio to hit the switch on the other side of the rock (twice), and Dippy to cross the stream of muck. In the next section, I recommend Dippy again as the spikes tend to pop up under your feet. Next, throw your sword into the chasm using Monarchy and Moa to reveal the hidden land beneath (don't miss the Apple of Life). Throw your sword at the remaining red block to create a staircase, and then use Dippy to cross the spikes.

You've made it to a group of monsters, so talk to them. Talk to MotherMonster several times to pass her, and then get ready to battle the five senses. The senses are arranged like this:


                   Hearing         Touch

                         Sight     Taste

Smell: Walk over a section of the screen, and then use Roxy on that spot. While the monster is on the weakened area, jump on one of the tiles you've touched. You'll take damage, but he'll take more. Five hits will do him in.

Hearing: Inferno and Moa to cause damage, and Dippy to ride out the changing landscape. About six or seven hits will finish it off.

Sight: Leviathan and Moa will tear up the floor pretty quickly, hitting the eye. It takes a few hits, but it's not very hard.

Taste: It's Pac-Man! Get Flash (with or without Moa) and run along and get all of the apples, avoiding the floating mouths.

Touch: Use Roxy to set up a diversion, and then stand back and slash away at the hands. Takes a while, but you won't get touched.

Between battles, talk to MotherMonster to get healed fully. Once you've defeated the senses, go to the center doorway for the final battle with the Spirit Energy.

Use Dodo to make Spirit Energy's eye open up, and select Leviathan and Roxy. Drop Roxy, and get several hits (4 or 5) on the eye before it closes again. Repeat until death occurs. Or, use Dodo and Inferno to burn up the Spirit quickly.

After the defeat of Spirit Energy, the monsters leave, and history is changed...

30. Soleil Town - Epilogue

You can go around and talk to different people in the town to learn how history has changed. When you're ready to go, go upstairs in the castle, talk to Mac (Bow Wow!) and head towards the exit. Talk to Alice, answer yes, talk to her again, and watch the ending credits.



Companions (unlimited use)

1. Mac (Dog)

Press C to "drop" Mac. When an non-boss enemy runs into him, Mac will hold it still.

Combinations: Moa: "Strengthen the Touch" - Doesn't seem to do much of anything extra.

2. Flash (Cheetah)

Doubles walking speed. Allows you to run faster and jump farther.

Combinations: Dippy: "Strengthen the Ability" - Doesn't seem to do much of anything extra, other than increasing your speed.

                       Moa: "Make Walking Speed 3 Times" - Triples your speed. Very useful, but you tend to run into a lot of things.

3. Cecil (Flying Squirrel)

Causes your sword to rebound from almost any wall it hits, along with extending the throwing distance of your sword. Very useful for looking to see what's ahead, as the camera follows the sword.

Combinations: Monarchy: "It's A Secret" - Causes the sword fly in circles, somewhat under your control. Good for taking out tracts of grass.

                       Moa: "Continue to Rebound" - Causes the sword to rebound infinitely (press A to recall it).

4. Dippy (Dinosaur)

Lets you move over spikes, water, lava, moving platforms, and anything else that causes damage or loss of control. Also allows you to swim on the world map.

Combinations:  Flash: "Strengthen the Ability" - Doesn't seem to do much of anything extra, other than increasing your speed.

5a. Pieces (Caterpillar)

Useless until after the Tower of Babel.

5b. Monarchy (Butterfly)

Allows you to guide your sword in the air with the D-Pad for a limited time. To recall the sword earlier, run it into a wall or press the A button.

Combinations:  Cecil: "It's A Secret" - Causes the sword fly in circles, somewhat under your control. Good for taking out tracts of grass.

                        Moa: "Continue to Operate" - Unlimited fly time. To recall, run into a wall or press the A button.

6. Moa (Moa)

Useless by itself, Moa strengthens the other selected animal.

Combinations:  Mac: "Strengthen the Touch" - Doesn't seem to do much of anything extra.

                        Flash: "Make Walking Speed 3 Times" - Triples your speed. Very useful, but you tend to run into a lot of things.

                        Cecil: "Continue to Rebound" - Causes the sword to rebound infinitely (press A to recall it).

                        Monarchy: "Continue to Operate" - Unlimited fly time. To recall, run into a wall or press the A button.

                        Dodo: "Strengthen Attachment" - Doesn't seem to do much of anything extra.

                        Inferno: "Strengthen the Flame" - Most powerful weapon in the game. Causes sword to leave a trail of fire and send out fireballs when it hits something.

                        Leviathan: "Make Swing Speed 3 Times" - Really speeds up that sword (and the charge time).

                       Chilly: "Strengthen Ice Magic" - Increases the power of the sword. Leaves a trail of ice and when it hits, freezes everything in the area.

7. Dodo (Dodo)

Attaches the enemy to the sword. Usually a bad idea, as it brings the enemy back to you. A must-use for two bosses.

Combinations:  Moa: "Strengthen Attachment" - Doesn't seem to do much of anything extra.

                        Inferno: "Decrease Enemy's HP" - Attaches a flame to an enemy boss, which drains its power quickly.

                        Chilly: "Decrease Enemy's HP" - Attaches a glacier to an enemy boss, which drains its power quickly.

8. Rio (Armadillo)

When you press "C", Rio drops and turns into a plank you can pick up and throw and/or use as a raft.

9. Inferno (Lion)

Attaches a flame to a thrown sword.

Combinations:  Moa: "Strengthen the Flame" - Most powerful weapon in the game. Causes sword to leave a trail of fire and send out fireballs when it hits something.

                        Dodo: "Decrease Enemy's HP" - Attaches a flame to an enemy boss, which drains its power quickly.

                        Chilly: "Strongest Ice Magic" - It's not that strong, but necessary to defeat one boss.

10. Leviathan (Leviathan)

Doubles the speed of the sword swing and throw, and halves the charge time for a throw.

Combinations:  Moa: "Make Swing Speed 3 Times" - Really speeds up that sword (and the charge time).

11. Chilly (Penguin)

Attaches ice to a thrown sword.

Combinations:  Moa: "Strengthen Ice Magic" - Increases the power of the sword. Leaves a trail of ice and when it hits, freezes everything in the area.

                        Dodo: "Decrease Enemy's HP" - Attaches a glacier to an enemy boss, which drains its power quickly.

                        Inferno: "Strongest Ice Magic" - It's not that strong, but necessary to defeat one boss.

12. Wong (Raccoon Dog)

Press the "C" button, and Wong drops in place and becomes a likeness of you, drawing fire away from you. Works on normal monsters and bosses. Works as long as he's set, but is reset if you change animal partners at any time.

---Rentals (one-time use only)

13. Kitty (Cat)

The only animal that cannot be selected. When you "die", refills your life bar once. Infinitely useful. 50 Malins.

14. Batty (Bat)

Protects you from damage for about 20 seconds. 100 Malins.

15. Edgar (Eggbomb)

Attacks everything on the screen for about 5 seconds. 50 Malins.