Game Dashin' Desperadoes
/ Rumble Kids
Author/Vendor Data East
Released 1993
Game Type Platform
Language English & Japanese
(set console accordingly)
Set RasterFx to FULL. Defaults to Dashin' Desperadoes, set version to
JAPANESE for Rumble Kids (all text still in english).
Turn RasterFX ON. Major graphics problems! No Music!
Doesn't default to one region - USA/JAPAN/EUROPE depends on which
country is selected in the version menu! Set version to USA for Dashin'
Desperadoes, or JAPAN for Rumble Kids (all text still in english).
Gens (1.00)
Default language depends on the order set in Country Autodetection.
Set Country to USA or Europe for Dashin' Desperadoes.
Set version to JAPAN for Rumble Kids (all text still in english).
Side-scrolling run-and-jump supposedly depicting the misadventures of two little boys who like to run around in cowboy outfits and tangle with the usual platform problems and obstacles.

A pretty decent Sonic and Knuckles clone, split screen and all. Can't touch it's inspiration in terms of gameplay, but everything else is there. Too cute for its own good, but handy to keep around just to remind you how good Sonic and Knuckles is.