Game Desert Strike
- Return to the Gulf
Author/Vendor Granite Bay
/ Electronic Arts
Released 1992
Game Type Shoot 'em up
Language English
Minor sound problems! (rotor sample resets every 5 secs)
Minor graphics problems on the EA splash screeen!
Intro graphics corrupted! Palette problems on map screen!
Rotors stop rotating if you stay still!
Gens (1.40)
It takes a special breed of pilot to join the Strike Team - one who's an expert in air-to-air and air-to- ground combat, one who's ready to fly at a moment's notice, one who won't fold when things begin to get hairy. With the rise in global terrorism, the Strike Team is looking for new recruits to face the ever-growing dangers of modern life. Will you be the one that will save the world?

Not a shoot 'em up in the true sense, as the game applys a healthy dose of real-world military combat, but still lots of of fun nonetheless. The isometric perspective does take some getting used to, though, but once that's done you can sit back and enjoy a truly awesome game.

In Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf, inspired by the Gulf War, you get to blow away a fanatical MidEast dictator and his desert-based loon squad.