Game Dick Vitale's "Awesome  Baby" College Hoops
Author/Vendor Time Warner Interactive
Released 1994
Game Type Sports
Language English
Minor graphics problems on title & credits screens!
Minor graphics problems on title & credits screens!
Gens (0.95)
Basketball sim endorsed by one of the more colorful announcers on the NCAA basketball scene - Dick Vitale, the man who made the phrase "awesome, baby" his trademark.

A fast-pased, first-person, true 3D hoops sim in the One-on-One style - a real eye-catcher considering the limits of the stock Genesis hardware, although animation does tend to get jerky at times. There's plenty enough stuff here to keep even the most jaded sports sim fan happy, and thank God that Dick's voiceovers can be turned off! Definitely worth a look, especially if you've played Coack K so much that you're on your third replacement gamepad.