Game Double Dragon 2
- The Revenge
Author/Vendor Tecnos Japan / Accolade
Released 1991
Game Type Beat 'em up
Language English
Turn H-Interrupts OFF. Suffers from some slowdown!
Change H-Blank to 126 (Default 42)! Suffers from some slowdown!
Gens (0.95)
The platform brawler that started it all, this legendary series focuses on the lives of the Lee twins - two skilled street fighters who use their martial arts talent to further the cause of justice.

A well-known series that was good in its day, but for some reason just couldn't find a way to adapt well to new plots and formats. By the time that the final installment rolled around, it bore little resemblance to its intense and at times daring ancestors.

Double Dragon 2 - The Revenge opens with the death of the Lee Twins' girlfriend right before their eyes in a scene which was quite controversial in its day, so all they care about now is revenge - graphics have noticeably improved, and you now have the ability to accidentally hurt each other in two-player mode.