Game Duke Nukem 3D
Author/Vendor 3D Realms / Tec Toy
Released 1998
Game Type Doom Clone
Language English
Gens (0.95)
NOTE: This game supports the 6-Button Genesis Pad.
The most famous personage in the DOS shooter genre makes his way to the MegaDrive in this rare and unique release! This utilizes a specially designed 16-bit game engine in order to faithfully reproduce all of the fun and mayhem from the original. Licensed by Tec Toy and produced totally in Brazil, Duke Nukem 3D is the most ambitious port ever attempted for the MegaDrive. It's the same plot, levels, weapons, and monsters as the original. An army of aliens has taken over Los Angeles, so Duke deals with them as only he can - kill 'em all, and let God sort 'em out! Do you have the balls to play such an intense game? (loosely translated from the Tec Toy press release)

Well, it's unique, I must say. I'm surprised Tec Toy managed to pull it off at all. What do I think? Yes - the graphics stink, the sound sample tranfer is limited, and the levels are nothing like the original. Yes, it's pretty much the Zero Tolerance game engine with Duke3D graphics and sound grafted on top. At least they carried on the Sega tradition of leaving in the violence (guts go everywhere after a RPG hit) and the style is there, if not the feel. It's worth the look, but don't expect an exact clone of the IBM PC original - after all, we're talking about limited 16-bit hardware here, folks.