Game Dyna Brothers
Author/Vendor CSK Research Institute
Released 1992
Game Type Strategy
Language Japanese
Gens (0.95)
Since I don't understand Japanese, these games are pretty hard to describe - but here goes. "The Egg" is the sacred source of life for the Dyna Brothers - cute cartoon style dinosaurs who live in a tropical paradise along with some friendly humans way off somewhere. Their life is made difficult by a marauding band of semi-intelligent and largely incompetent aliens, who want The Egg for themselves and do all sorts of nasty things (shoot, blow up, unleash alien monsters) to the Dyna Brothers. Your job is to nurture the Dyna Brothers from hatchling to adulthood and then help them fight off the alien menace.

This is a bit like a Tamogotchi game, but with a bit more strategy involved.Cute and addictive once you work out how things work!

Hint: Don't forget to make it rain or your herbivores will starve!!