Game Fatal Labyrinth
Author/Vendor Sega
Released 1991
Game Type RPG
Language English & Japanese
(set console accordingly)
Defaults to English - Set Version to Japan for Japanese
Doesn't default to one region - USA/JAPAN/EUROPE depends on which
country is selected in the version menu! Set version to USA for Fatal
Labyrinth, or JAPAN for Shinomekyu.
Gens (0.98)
Default language depends on the order set in Country Autodetection.
Set Country to USA or Europe for Fatal Labyrinth.
Set Country to JAPAN for Shinomekyu.
Old, top-down dungeon crawler with the standard plot of saving the village/city/land (pick only one) from the evils lurking within an ominous-looking castle.

A rather bland arcade-style RPG featuring cameos from some of the Dark Castle critters and a few more from other such games. Unimpressive and boring.