Game Fatal Rewind
(The Killing Game Show)
Author/Vendor Raising Hell / Psygnosis
/ Electronic Arts
Released 1991
Game Type Platform / Shoot 'em up
Language English
Set RasterFx to FULL.
Turn RasterFx ON.
Gens (0.98)
"And now it's time for the greatest show on Earth!" Not if you're one of the contestants - strapped inside an ostrich-like mecha within the deep caverns of a deserted island that's slowly sinking. Your sole purpose is to get out alive, but that won't be so easy - what with all booby traps, unstable rock, and steadily rising water. In the meantime, your predicament is being broadcast to thousands of blood-hungery TV viewers around the world. "Get ready to die!" the announcer screams, and with that the show begins....

Yet another Amiga classic by the boys from Scotland that makes a faithful port to the G/MD. Take your standard platform game, throw in a shooter element, then add a liberal dash of inescapable hazards that must be avoided to successfully complete a given stage, and you wind up with a game that is either extremely challenging or considerably frustrating. My only real gripe is that the premise doesn't fit all that well.