Game Gaiares
Author/Vendor Telnet Japan / Renovation
Released 1990
Game Type Shoot 'em up
Language English and Japanese
(set console accordingly)
Minor graphics problems in the intro!
Defaults to English - Set Version to Japanese for Japanese.
Doesn't default to one region - USA/JAPAN/EUROPE depends on which
country is selected in the version menu! Set version to USA for English,
or JAPAN for Japanese.
Gens (1.70)
Set Country to Europe (PAL) or Japan (PAL)
otherwise the text on the title screen flickers!
Earth has been turned into a wasteland by centuries of abuse. This is just fine to the galactic terrorist organization Gulfer, who plan to use all that waste to make some pretty nasty weapons. Dan Dare, a resourceful fighter jock, is the underdefended Earth's only hope against this menace.

The music is nice and catchy. The graphics are somewhat pixelated, but still give the sensation of flight. Oh, let's not forget the nifty little grappling hook that comes with your ship, which you can use to snag your enemies and suck energy from them, adding to your own supply - a truly original idea. Even so, this is a game that only the hardest of hardcore shooter fans might want just to add to their collection.