GAME GENIE CODES: Ghouls 'n' Ghosts.

 No.  Code  Effect
   2  A3WT-AA6G  Infinite lives
   3  9TZA-ABZY + BJZA-AAF0  Each point worth 10
   4  9TEA-BCKL + TTEA-B93R + AEEA-AABN  Start on floating island
   5  9TEA-BCKL + TTEA-B93R + AAEA-ACBN  Start in windmall village
   6  9TEA-BCKL + TTEA-B93R + AEEA-ACBN  Start in town of fire
   7  9TEA-BCKL + TTEA-B93R + AAEA-AEBN  Start in Baron Rankle's tower
   8  9TEA-BCKL + TTEA-B93R + AEEA-AEBN  Start in horrible faced mountains
   9  9TEA-BCKL + TTEA-B93R + AAEA-AGBN    Start in crystal forest
 10  9TEA-BCKL + TTEA-B93R + AEEA-AGBN  Start on ice slides and giant hands
 11  9TEA-BCKL + TTEA-B93R + AAEA-AJBN  Start on dragons and demons
 12  9TEA-BCKL + TTEA-B93R + AEEA-AJBN  Start on base of morningstar ladder
 13  9TEA-BCKL + TTEA-B93R + AAEA-ALBN  Start on Prince of Darkness
Code 14 charges up your power more quickly,
but there must be at least one dot filled on the magic gauge for the code to work,
and don't use it with the fireball!
 14  AF3T-AAFY  Instant charge on magic armor/weapon

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