Game Grind Stormer / V-5
Author/Vendor Toaplan / Tengen
Released 1994
Game Type Shoot 'em up
Language English & Japanese
(Set console accordingly)
Defaults to English (Grind Stormer)
Set Version to Japanese for Japanese (V-5).
Minor graphics problem on Hi-Score screen!
Doesn't default to one region - USA/JAPAN/EUROPE depends on which
country is selected in the version menu! Set version to USA or Europe
for English (Grind-Stormer), or JAPAN for Japanese (V-5).
Gens (0.98)
Default language depends on the order set in Country Autodetection.
Set Country to USA or Europe for English (Grind Stormer).
Set Country to JAPAN for Japanese (V5).
NOTE: Language can also be changed from the games own option menu.
One of many in the crowd of top-down, graphically impressive Japanese shooters in the same vein as Raiden Trad.

Good graphics, fair sound, with repetetive yet challenging gameplay. The power up system works slightly differently depending on whether you play the game as Grind Stormer or V-5.