Game Hook
Author/Vendor Sony Imagesoft
Released 1992
Game Type Platform / Action
Language English
Gens (0.99)
What if Peter Pan decided to come back to our world and give up Never Never Land? That is the interesting premise behind the controversial Steven Speilberg film, inspired by the original James Barrie children's novel. In the film, an adult Peter Pan must somehow rediscover the magic of his lost youth and use its power to save his kidnapped children from the clutches of the villanous Captain Hook. The computer game picks up at the point in the movie where Peter is first reunited with the Lost Boys, and must first prove who he is before they will help him....

The idea is certainly original and the movie was halfway decent, with some beautiful scene-chewing going on between Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, though you must admit that the the roller coaster was a really STOOPID idea. The game itself ultimately falls flat. I can't put my finger exactly on why it does, but it does.