Game The Immortal
Author/Vendor Will Harvey
/ Electronic Arts
Released 1991
Game Type RPG
Language English
Minor graphics problems on the EA splash screeen!
Gens (0.99)
This game starts with a mystery and builds from there. You have stumbled across a message left behind by a lost sorcerer who was battling an immensely powerful and evil force, and you feel compelled to take up the challenge. A fantasy-themed RPG that was a legend in its time, and yet another port from the almighty Amiga computer.

This was the first dungeon crawler I recall that successfully employed 3D isometric perspective, along with correctly proportioned and fantastic-looking graphics to boot. This game is the great-granddaddy of the smash multiplayer hit Diablo, which came along years later and reaped the field that The Immortal had sown.