Game J-League Pro Striker '93
Author/Vendor Sega
Released 1993
Game Type Sports
Language Japanese
Minor sound problems! (popping noise in background)
No Multi-Tap (3/4 player) support!
No Multi-Tap (3/4 player) support!
Gens (0.99)
Only partial Multi-Tap (3/4 player) support!
First of Sega's in-house soccer sim for the Japanese market. Does it play like FIFA? Yes. Does it sound like FIFA? Yes. Does it look like FIFA? No, the game texts are all in Japanese and the playing field is viewed via top-side pseudo 3D slant view instead of isometric. That's the only real difference that matters. This series starts good and gets better as it goes, with Final Stage being the equal of the latter FIFA games. Now, if only it were in English....