Game Jungle Strike
Author/Vendor Granite Bay
/ Electronic Arts
Released 1993
Game Type Shoot 'em up
Language English
Minor graphics problem on the EA splash screen!
Gens (0.99)
It takes a special breed of pilot to join the Strike Team - one who's an expert in air-to-air and air-to-ground combat, one who's ready to fly at a moments notice, one who won't fold when things begin to get hairy. With the rise in global terrorism, the Strike Team is looking for new recruits to face the ever-growing dangers of modern life. Will you be the one that will save the world?

Not shoot 'em ups in the true sense, as they apply a healthy dose of real-world military combat, but still lots of of fun nonetheless. The isometric perspective does take some getting used to, though, but once that's done you can sit back and enjoy some truly awesome games.

Jungle Strike, sequel to the hugely popular desert strike,  in which your old protagonist has relocated to the tropics - requires game manual for password check.