Game Kishin Daisenryaku
(Panzer Commander)
Author/Vendor Systemsoft
Released 1993
Game Type Strategy
Language Japanese
Minor graphics problems!
Turn RasterFX ON.
Gens (0.99)
A World War 2 based historical strategy game in which you get to fight massed tank battles as only the Germans can. Remember - they wrote the book on tank warfare, and the word "blitzkrieg" is now part of the military vocabulary as a result.

Extensive use of isometric and digitzed graphics coupled with a better sound mix than one would expect for a strategy sim make this an enjoyable experience for all - even if you're the type that locked you G.I.Joe or Action Man away years ago. This is unquestionably the best tank battle sim available for the platform - you might find it a little hard going with all that Japanese text though.