Game Landstalker - The Treasure of King Nole
Author/Vendor Climax / Sega
Released 1993
Game Type Adventure
Language English
Locks up!
Gens (1.00)
You assume the role of Nigel, an expert treasure hunter just back from his latest adventure who rescues a pixie from being captured and in exchange is given the general location of the legendary lost treasure of King Nole. From the creators of Lady Stalker - The Apocalypse Engine on the SNES.

Isometric-view pseudo 3D fantasy game with cute manga-style characters and a nice soundtrack. This predates Lady Stalker and is supposed to be a bit more serious, but the questionable English translation gets rather amusing in places, and I'm willing to bet the same for the other Indo-European tongues. Once you get used to isometric gameplay, then it becomes one of the better offerings in the fantasy genre for the G/MD.