Game Last Battle -
Legend of the Final Hero
(Fist of the North Star)
Author/Vendor Toei / Shoei System
Released 1989
Game Type Beat 'em up
Language English
Gens (1.00)
It is in the days of the nuclear winter, when the lands are ruled and policed by superhuman heroes with fantastic fighting skills, one hero must battle his way through countless foes to rid the land of evil. Based on the legendary anime series of the same name, which was noted for its violence.

Punch and kick your way through the side-scrolling scenes on your way to one-on-one arena bouts with the various level bosses. Decent graphics, but weak gameplay. I can't believe they left in the exploding heads!

Last Battle - Legend of the Final Hero is the censored American version, most of the more violent content excised - including the aforementioned exploding heads.