Game The Lion King II
Author/Vendor ? (Hong Kong Pirate)
Released 1999 ?
Game Type Platform
Language English
Crashes the Emu!
Gens (1.30)
Note: This appears to be a bad dump and I haven't been able to test very far into the
game, so I can't guarantee that there won't be problems later on!
An unlicensed pirate game loosely based on the Lion King movie and game from Disney.

This is a resonable platformer with some halfway decent level design in places, although it lacks some of the finesse of the first (licensed) game. The main sprites look like they're ripped straight from the original game, but the background graphics and all the other sprites are new and don't look anywhere near as polished. Even less effort has been put into the sound, the sound effects are pretty weak mostly consisting of unconvincing beeps and burps, and the music will drive you up the wall after a few minutes.