Game NBA Jam
Author/Vendor Sculptured Software
/ Midway / Acclaim
Released 1993
Game Type Sports
Language English
Gens (1.00)
The arcade basketball sim that has since become the stuff of legend. Hardware was somewhat limited when this game was being developed, so the programmers opted to reduce the number of players in order to allow up to four people to play the game at the same time without having to worry about what any computer-controlled players were doing, A wise move, in retrospect, as this was quite popular in its day and spawned a number of sequels and ports. The chief programmer was one Steve Snake, better known nowadays as the author of KGen98.

NBA Jam, is the original and rather limited port of the arcade game featuring two-on-two basketball, without having to worry about things like fouls and the laws of gravity. Seriously though the pure action approach can be appealing even if you're not a basketball fan. Up to four players supported on a real Genesis/Mega Drive.