Game Outlander
Author/Vendor Mindscape
Released 1992
Game Type Multigame
Language English
Turn RasterFx ON.
Gens (1.00)
An arcade-style take on the sci-fi cult classic film The Road Warrior, second in the Mad Max trilogy. In a post-apocalyptic future, you cruse the highways of the Outlands trying to find enough fuel and supplies to keep moving and thereby stay alive. The Outland is not a pleasant place, though, as there are biker gangs and wasteland toughs bent on stopping you any way you can.

A successful combination of action and car racing in the same style as TechnoCop. In short, an excellent game that has aged gracefully and is still fun to play - which is more than can be said of Nintendo's "official" Mad Max game for the NES. In fact, while it doesn't look as good as the SNES version, it plays a lot better. Grab a copy and hit the road!