Game PGA Tour 96
Author/Vendor Electronic Arts / NuFX
Released 1995
Game Type Sports
Language English
Graphics Problems!
Gens (1.00)
Enter the world of big-time professional golf as you compete with pro golfers on some of the best courses in the game. Includes a unique 3D putting grid and instant replay, as well as a useful gamesave option to assist in tracking your stats.

Though not the rival of World Class Leaderboard until late in the series, it has gameplay options that WCLB sadly lacks. The graphics got better as the series progressed, resulting in notorious slow build times for the courses. If all you're interested in is quick and dirty gameplay, then get the original; but if you want a real looker with maximum options, then get the 1996 release.

The last in the series, PGA Tour 96, is without a doubt the best playing and best looking game in the series - not as many courses and pros, but the lush graphics make up for that.