Game Patlabor
Author/Vendor Ma-Ba
Released 1992
Game Type RPG
Language Japanese
Black screen after start!
Gens (1.00)
It is the year 2001. Tokyo Bay has been dammed and then drained for real estate development. At the heart of this project are the Labors - giant mecha developed for heavy-duty use. Equipment such as this obviously has both lawful and unlawful uses, so the Patlabor Mobile Police was developed to help control this new technology. As one of the members of the famed SV2 Second Unit, your job is to ensure that law and order concerning the Labors is maintained. Inspired by the classic anime OAV series.

Presents you with a variety of missions and objects just like the anime, not all of which require you to draw your gun. You also have to train your Ingram police mecha to your particular style, and it learns new moves as you become accustomed to its use. You can even practice between missions to enhance your skills. Most of it is dreadfully easy (except one or two spots), but the best parts are the gameplay and the character interaction - even provided that all texts are in Japanese! That will lose a lot of folks right there, but it's highly recommended for Patlabor fans.