Game Pebble Beach Golf Links
Author/Vendor T&E Soft
Released 1994
Game Type Sports
Language English
Can't get past menu screens!
Gens (1.00)
Take your pick of four different male and female golfers along with your choice of caddies, and select a variety of golf game types - from practice all the way to full tournament play.

A truly fantastic golfing sim that came pretty damn close to dethroning Leaderboard on my all-time favorite list of golfing sims. Highly detailed courses and some excellent background tunes as well. Animation tends to be a bit on the jerky side, and it has the same course-building lag time problem as EA's PGA Golf series. Offers options and flexibility that Leaderboard could only dream about. If this isn't the all-time best Genesis golfing sim, then it's a no-brainer for the number two spot.