Game Pete Sampras Tennis '96
Author/Vendor Codemasters
Released 1995
Game Type Sports
Language English
No J-Cart (3/4 Player) support!
No J-Cart (3/4 Player) support!
Gens (1.00)
No J-Cart (3/4 Player) support!
Tennis sim featuring Pete Sampras, one of the better-known players of the sport in the late 20th century. Standard tennis sim fare, so far as it goes. Features a first-person behind-the-back view of the court, your choice of multiple male or female players, and your pick of several different styles of play - including head-to-head and mixed doubles.

The difference between the two games in this series is like the difference between Hunts Catsup and Heinz Ketchup. The first game is only mildly interesting at best, whereas this second game could give Wimbledon a run for its money. This game also uses Codemasters J-Cart technology with two extra joypad ports built into the cart itself allowing up to 4 Player simultaneous play.