GAME GENIE CODES: Phantasy Star 3.

 No.  Code  Effect
   1  ETBA-AA88  MASTER CODE -- Must be entered
   2  AWAA-CA7A    1ST treasure chest contains specified amount plus 32,768 meseta
   3  9MTA-CCGN  Start with 250 HP
   4  A4ZT-AA22  But anything at armor, weapon, and equipment shops no matter
 how much meseta you have
   5  ALZT-AA7W  Items that you can afford are free
   6  BXDA-AA5L  Fortunetelling is free
   7  BXAT-AA64  Poison recovery at healer's is free
   8  BW9T-AA5E  Resurrection at the healer's is free
   9  A49A-AA28  Technique distribution is free
 10  REHT-C6VL  Using monomate, dimate, or trimate restores all lost HP
 11  BTHA-CA9J  No TP (Technique points) lost for using Res technique
 12  BTHA-CA38  No TP lost for using Rever tech.
 13  BTHA-CA6W  No TP lost for using Gires tech.
 14  GCJT-B62W  No TP lost for using Anti tech.
 15  CKBA-AA3G  One strike kills small front row enemies
 16  B3FA-AA80  One strike kills all large back row enemies
 17  GTBT-CA3T  No HP lost in battle from ememy strikes
 18  GTCT-CA5C  No HP lost in battle from enemy techniques
 19  ATJT-CA50  Characters cannot be poisoned
 20  A2NT-AA8R  No enemies ever attack (Code must be turned off to complete game)

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