Game Pocket Monster II
Author/Vendor ? (Hong Kong Pirate Game)
Released 1999 ?
Game Type Platform
Language English
Crashes the Emu!
Crashes part way through level 1!
Gens (1.30)
Crashes part way through level 4!
Arrggh no! Nintendo's annoying electric mouse and his mates make it onto the Genesis in this surprisingly enjoyable platform game, shocking...

The Hong Kong Pirates have obviously spent a lot of time on this one for a change, it has great graphics and above average level design, even if it does rely a little too heavily on leaps into the unknown. Features all the usual platform game elements and you can dispatch the other pokémon by either jumping on their heads in the usual manner or by lobbing the pokéballs you find scattered around the levels at them. All the pokémon are actually recognizable too although one or two do seem to have been "borrowed" from other games, the bunny for instance looks very much like it's been lifted straight from Mega Bomberman. They took the part about Picachu being a mouse a little too seriously though because when he turns to face you he sports the most amazing set of teeth, even Bugs Bunny would be jealous. You can bet if Nintendo know about this games existence that they're not very happy.