Game Populous 2 - Two Tribes
Author/Vendor Bullfrog / Electronic Arts
/ Virgin Games
Released 1992
Game Type Strategy
Language English
Gens (1.00)
Known as "the god game" when first released, this award-winning title allows you to create, populate, modify, and wreak havoc upon your worlds. Ported from the almighty Amiga original, it spawned two sequels and many clones.

The original is a true gaming classic that retains all of its majesty despite the passage of time. The sequels are even more impressive, but it's too bad that the third and final installment (Populous 2 - The Challenge Games) never made it to the Genesis.

Populous 2 - Two Tribes, this time you're not alone in the god game, as over two dozen of the most powerful deities on Mt. Olympus challenge your right to be counted among their number - biggest improvements are the deity creation system and the ability to summon multiple effects at once.