Game Predator 2
Author/Vendor Teeny Weeny Games
/ Acclaim
Released 1992
Game Type Shoot 'em up
Language English
Graphics problems & colours all wrong!
Gens (1.00)
Isometric shoot 'em up based on the movie of the same name starring Danny Glover. You play a tough New York cop who deals everyday with the usual mix of gun-toting thugs and hyperarmed drug dealers. Today is going to be different though, because unknown to you a Predator has picked your precinct as the perfect hunting ground in which to sharpen his skills.

The movie was a total departure from the original, which may explain why it was so good. The game itself isn't bad, if you don't mind aimless wandering and shooting in the pseudo-Contra mode. The Chaos Engine it ain't, but it's still fun.