Game Super Donkey Kong '99
Author/Vendor ? (Hong Kong Pirate)
Released 1999 ?
Game Type Platform
Language English
Gens (1.30)
NOTE: Whilst I was checking this game to write the review I couldn't get past the third boss (Vulture). You can jump on his head once, but no matter how long you wait before trying to jump on him again you get killed the minute you touch him. There is a barrel of TNT on the previous screen and I suspect that this is supposed to be on the boss screen for you to throw at him, if this is the case then this is effectively the "end" of the game as there is no way past.

If anyone figures out a way past then send us an e-mail.

An unlicensed pirate port of Rage's legendary platform games for the Super Nintento. These games were released towards the end of the 16bit era, just as the 32bit consoles were being launched, and were supposed to show that there was still life left in Nintendo's aging 16bit platform. To a greater or lesser degree they succeeded wowing everyone with their superb graphics and great level design they became huge hits and helped Nintendo keep the SNES alive a little longer whilst they continued to develop the N64.

Seems to steal graphics from all three games in the series, the level graphics for instance look like they are mainly taken from the third game whilst the main character is stolen straight out of the first game and the baddies seem to be taken from all three games. Unfortunately it's lost something in the translation, the graphics don't seem quite as sharp as the originals and the cleverly designed levels and gameplay elements are also absent. The main thing that's missing is the 'tag team' style gameplay where you need to use the right character to reach certain parts of the levels, here you just get to control Donkey Kong himself. The game relies far too heavily on split second timing and pixel perfect leaps and you'll quickly grow frustrated with the poor level design. If you want to play the Donkey Kong Country games then I strongly suggest that you seek out the SNES originals instead.