Game Toy Story
Author/Vendor Traveller's Tales / Psygnosis
/ Disney Interactive
Released 1996
Game Type Platform
Language English
Some minor graphics problems (Palette) in cinemas/3D sections.
Locks up!
Gens (0.50)
What happens to your toys once all of the real people leave the room? This is the premise behind the hit Disney animated feature from 1996 (computer-rendered graphics courtesy of Pixar), in which a little boy's toys have lives of their own and have to deal with a new and egotistical toy who thinks he's really the character that he depicts.

This was one of Disney's biggest movies, and it turns out to be one of their biggest video games, too. For starters, you get the same kind of computer-generated graphics that made the movie such a visual treat. The characters are dead-on true to the movie - and they're huge. The gameplay follows the movie's plot and begins simply enough. This isn't the most challenging game you'll ever play, but the later levels are enough fun for even seasoned gamers. It is probably the best-looking 16-bit game you'll ever see.