Game Turbo OutRun
Author/Vendor Sega
Released 1992
Game Type Racing
Language English
Some minor graphics problems (Background graphics).
Turn RasterFx ON. Seems quite "jerky".
Some minor graphics problems (Background graphics/Title screen). Timer doesn't work (Ok if you want to cheat!).
Gens (1.00)
Back in the Stone Age of full-color arcade games, Sega decided to reinvent the first-person racing game. The end result was Super Hang-On, and it proved so popular that they decided to retool it as an car racing game, tweaking the game engine in the process for better performance. Thus was the road racing legend known as Out Run born. In this series of games, you (and oftimes your girlfriend riding shotgun) get to take part in a long cross-country road race that measures not only your endurance but your ability to stay on the road while avoiding various obstacles, such as other vehicles coming at and from behind you. Spawned several successors and many, many imitators; however, its the original that everybody remembers.

In Turbo OutRun, it's same idea as before but this time you're in a race across the United States - not all that different gameplaywise, but one can note slight improvements in the game engine that would be more fully realized in later OutRun games.