Game Ultraman
Author/Vendor Ma-Ba
Released 1993
Game Type Beat 'em up
Language Japanese
Gens (0.50)
As you may know by watching the many Toho monster flicks, the island nation of Japan is constantly being attacked by giant monsters of all sorts. To counter this threat, an advanced alien race bestowed special powers on a member of the Ultra Force - the JSDF unit designed to meet these constant threats. Now, whenever one of these monster comes along, it has to deal with Ultraman - a thirty-foot humanoid with his own superstrength and special powers who can deal with the monsters on their own terms. Based on the classic 1960s Japanese TV series by Tsuburaya Productions, which was the granddaddy of all of those Ranger-style shows ever since.

This beat 'em up has cameos by all of the show's major guest monsters (yes, Gojira himself shows up, too). The game itself is on a par with most SF2 wannabes - decent graphics, limited moves, fair sound, average gameplay.