Game Virtua Fighter 2
Author/Vendor Sega
Released 1996
Game Type Beat'em up
Language English
Turn RasterFx ON. A few minor graphics problems (Shadows).
Gens (0.50)
Sega's answer to Battle Arena Toshinden - one of the first third-generation fighting games with the same style as Mortal Kombat, but using new technology to deliver a true 3D street fighting experience. This is not a sequel to the original 32-bit arcade game, but is instead a "special edition" rendered in now-familiar 2D side-scroll SF2 style in order to avoid the hardware limitations of the standard 16-bit Genesis console.

The requirements of the original were so steep that only the 32X could deliver on a true port of the arcade game. It's probably the best SF2 clone in existence for the console, but it seems stale after you've experienced the arcade original.