Game Where in Time is
Carmen Sandiego?
Author/Vendor Broderbund/Electronic Arts
Released 1992
Game Type Edutainment
Language Multilanguage
Gens (0.54)
You are one of the top sleuths of the ACME Detective Agency who has been called in on an alarming case. The notorious art thief Carmen Sandiego is on the loose again, and its your job to stop her and her gang.

A well-written and immensely popular series of games that first made their appearance on the venerable Commodore 64 and have been kicking around in one form or another ever since. Only the first and third in the the series were ported to the Genesis; it is unclear why the second (Where in the USA...) was not.

In Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?, Carmen and her gang have stolen a time machine and are stealing the great historical treasures from around the world - originally packaged with the 1992 New American Desk Encyclopedia.