Game World Class Leaderboard
Author/Vendor Access / Tiertex
Released 1992
Game Type Sports
Language English
Gens (0.54)
Back in the mid 1980s, Access Software created the first true first-person perspective golfing sim for personal computers - Leaderboard. Its graphics and gameplay went unmatched for so long that it became the de facto standard for golfing sims for over a decade. This is the final incarnation of that legendary game, featuring a souped-up game engine and improved graphics that made it the preferred golfing sim among Amiga and Atari ST owners alike. Every golfing sim since Leaderboard has adapted its style and approach, and the Links series is its direct descendant.

There are lots of imitators, and a lot of its serious competitors may outstrip it in one or two areas, but no G/MD golfing sim puts it all together as well as this game. It is an absolute must-have whether you are a golfing fan or a casual gamer - a game historian or a first-time player. The G/MD port is a surprisingly faithful rendition of the Amiga game, with no discernable differences between the two unless you know what to look for. It remains the best all-around G/MD golfing sim ever created.