Game Yu Yu Hakusho Battle
Author/Vendor Treasure
Released 1994
Game Type Beat 'em up
Language Japanese
Set RasterFx to FULL.
Locks up!
Gens (0.98)
Click Here for Multi-Tap setup!
NOTE: This game supports the 6-Button Genesis Pad.
Yuusuke...Botan...Kazuma...Kurama...Hiei...and more. They're all here in this Beat 'em up, which both Otanooki Temple and Harry Tuttle of the Dump have called "the best fighter ever made for the Genesis." Take your your choice of characters, each with unique talents and attacks (rei gun, reikinoken, rose whip, jagan, dragon spirit, etc.) Support for multiple players means multiple chances to crash and bash - it's not limited to one or two players anymore! Inspired by the popular anime series that first premiered on Japanese television in 1992.

A strange mix of adventure, RPG, and fighting, with good graphics. There is probably a lot more depth to this game than meets the eye, unfortunately it's all in Japanese.