Game Yu Yu Hakusho Gaiden
- Makyoto Issen
Author/Vendor Namco
Released 1994
Game Type RPG
Language Japanese
Set RasterFx to FULL. Some graphics problems!
Major graphics problems!
Gens (0.60)
This focuses on the antics of a group of young high school delinquents, both human and demonic, and of one in particular. Yuusuke is the resident bad-ass who actually was a pretty nice guy in his previous life and is willing to go to great lengths to regain his lost humanity. Based on the popular Japanese anime series.

This take on the popular Japanese anime leans more toward the RPG element than does its counterpart. The end result is that the story and graphics are fantastic, but the fight sequences are terrible. Music and sound remain excellent, as always. This has some of the best anime-style cinemas to be seen in a MegaDrive game, so it's well worth the look.