Game Zero Tolerance
Author/Vendor Zyrinx / Technopop
/ Accolade
Released 1994
Game Type Doom Clone
Language English
Gens (0.60)
As your dropship screams toward the strangely silent space outpost Europe-1, your commander briefs you on the mission ahead. Your detatchment of the Planetary Defense Corps has been called in to find out who attacked the station, and (more importantly) if they're still around. You won't have much time to find out, though - Europe-1's nuclear reactor was damaged in the firefight, and it's building towards a meltdown that will incinerate the entire station. That said, you gather your gear and debark through the boarding dock, anxious at what lies ahead....

The only real Wolfenstein 3D clone in existence for the MegaDrive, but this offers strategy far beyond Wolf3D. It's way too long, though, and it tends to get tedious before you're halfway through - especially when you have to hunt down EVERY single monster to advance to the next level - hence the title.

The Zero Tolerance games have been put into the public domain by Zyrinx on the sole condition that they can only be distributed in their original unmodified form.