Game Afterburner III
Author/Vendor Sega / CRI
Released 1995
Game Type Shoot 'em up
Language English
Gens (1.70)
Note: This game supports the 6-button Genesis pad.
The F-14 Tomcat, caged lightning with million dollar missiles and a vulcan 20mm cannon. You'll need every ounce of firepower this plane can offer for your current mission. Command headquaters let you know this morning that the enemy is building airfields, and bases, all over the desert. They're protecting those bases with squadrons of their best interceptors, your job to is to take out those bases. If you have to knock down a few enemy planes, so much the better. Just you and your F-14, with a good pilot it's holy terror, with you it should be... unstopable.

Kick in the afterburner to outrun deadly cannon fire `hot on your six,' then pull up hard, lock, and launch! Blow away tank patrols, radio towers, and missile sites in an effort to shoot for a high score, best time or most kills. Unlike Afterburner II the view this time around is from inside the cockpit, much like G-Loc, which makes it much easier to see what's going on - you can change this to the more traditional chase view if you prefer though. Features some great original CD quality tunes and sound effects to rock and rattle your cockpit. This is a pretty faithful port of the arcade original, much more so than the earlier cart version, and if you like the Afterburner series then you'll absolutely lap this up.