Game Chuck Rock 2
- Son of Chuck
Author/Vendor Core / Virgin
Released 1993
Game Type Platform
Language English
Gens (1.70)
Occasional graphics glitches! (sprite scaling/rotation)
Minor sound problems!
Unga-bunga! It's a jungle out there, and our good friend Chuck Rock has more than his share of daily troubles. A prehistoric platformer from the vaults of the people who went on to create Tomb Raider (Laura Croft - rrowrrr!), and yet another title ported from the software library of the almighty Amiga computer.

Much like Chuck Rock this is almost identical to the cart version, although if you change the difficulty to hard the layout of the levels changes somewhat which Core claims effectively gives you two games on one CD. Once again it also gets a brand new CD soundtrack and a cartoon style intro animation, at least they got a professional voice over guy for it this time though.