Game Dune
Author/Vendor Virgin Games / Cryo
Released 1994
Game Type RPG
Language Multi-language
Gens (1.70)
Far across the universe, past the edge of things known and outcomes expected, at the intersection of both inner and outer space, lies the planet Arrakis. A world of sand and spice. Based on the hit sci-fi movie produced by acclaimed director David Lynch, itself based on the phenomenal science fiction novel series by Frank Herbert.

A port of the Amiga original enhanced by the use of FMV clips and digitized graphics taken from the David Lynch film and full speech throughout. This was a popular RPG back in it's day and can still hold it's own now with graphics done the way only Cryo know how, the French certainly have a talent for giving their games a unique look. The flying sequences and digitized landscapes are 3D texture mapped, and the lip synchronization with the in game speech is fantastic. This game definitely makes full use of the, then new, CD-Rom format and the Sega-CD/Mega-CD itself, a must for any serious RPG fan or any Dune/Frank Herbert fanatic.