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Based on the "G3" by the Scribe. Also see the "G3O" the Scribe's own Online Version of the G3.


28th April 2000

Oops! Another 2 weeks have gone by again without any news, oh well nothing much happened in the world of Genesis emulation until thursday of this week anyway.

First off the T's aren't ready yet (sorry), because we have spent the last few weeks sorting out a new server, why you ask? Because we decided to splash out and buy our domain name, yes you will now find us at HTTP://WWW.GENESISPROJECT.CO.UK (Oh! Your here already - well don't forget to update you bookmarks then.), and our previous host didn't support DNS changes (D'oh!). A big thanks to Force9 for the new home. That and the fact I decided to take a few days off over easter means that the T's will probably not be ready for at least another week.

Now for other Genesis related news:

(As always go to either EmuHQ or Vintage Gaming or the emulators homepage to download the files.)

Gens was updated again and is now up to version 0.50. This fixes a lot of the problems with earlier releases and must now be the one of the top G/MD emulators available. I'm almost through testing the A's with Gens (there might be an update in the A's by next week) and looking at what I've got so far I estimate that it runs about 92% of games now with few, if any, problems. If you've resisted downloading it so far because it's only been around for a couple of months you should go and download it immediately.

Megasis was updated to version 0.05, the first update for this WinDoze based emulator since last June and I for one thought it was dead until it came out. It's not terribly fast, but it does sometimes run things that the other Emus don't. (I'd personally try Gens or DGen first though!).

Finally another brand new G/MD arrived on the scene over the last two weeks as well called (of all things) Genital, why emu writers have to resort to such schoolboy humor is beyond me, well at least it's not as bad as that Neo-Geo Pocket emulator I won't mention. This is currently in a fairly early stage of development with no sound support amongst other things. Also it's run completely from the command line so is probably too difficult for many people to even use yet (In our experience most people these days wouldn't know what a command line was if it bit them on the behind, let alone how to find/use it!). On the plus side though because it's Dos based it's VERY FAST, so could eventually turn out to be an excellent alternative/replacement for KGen98 and Genecyst for those of you with slower machines. Atani Software is also working on a WinDoze port which should be ready very soon as well.


14th April 2000

Sorry for the lack of any news last week, WinDoze died on one of my computers (as it does from time to time) so I had to spend all last weekend reinstalling everything. This wasn't aided by the fact I wanted to install a new soundcard at the same time (an AWE128 PCI) only to find that the "Plug & Pray" (No that isn't a typo!) on the motherboard refused to play ball - oh well, back to the trusty AWE32 ISA card then!

The Second half of the S's are now ready (Everything from Sonic 3D Blast onwards.), except Sonic Crackers & Sonic 2 Beta which I didn't quite manage to finish (See above!). Hopefully I'll get these done next week before I make a start on the T's which I'm aiming to get ready in about 2 weeks time.

Other Genesis related news:

Gens was updated again (twice in fact) and is now up to version 0.40. This is definitely shaping up to become the best WinDoze based G/MD emulator, although it's a little behind DGen in terms of compatibility it's certainly a lot faster. Expect to see compatibility notes appearing here shortly!

Atani Software released the latest version of Generator32 which also looks promising for such an early version. Atani also released the first version of his multi platform sega emulator SegaEmu with SGS-1000 support (only).

Last weeks big news of course was the surprise release of Vegas, a brand new G/MD and 32X emulator.(Go somewhere like EmuHQ or Vintage Gaming to download the files - Note: you will also need the 32X BIOS files, but these aren't very difficult to find!) Unfortunately the 32X emulation is VERY slow and buggy, but a least it demonstrates that it is in fact possible to emulate. This came completely out of the blue, taking most of the Emu community by surprise, and I suspect it may only have been released now to spoil Quintessons efforts to have the first working 32X emulator (see Quintessons comments on his page!). Speaking of which the first 32X version of AGES 32X should be out this weekend check the Sega Ages page for more news, although I wouldn't expect this to be any faster, especially as the (base) G/MD emulation is a long way behind that of Vegas! (Sorry Quintesson)