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Based on the "G3" by the Scribe. Also see the "G3O" the Scribe's own Online Version of the G3.


22nd December 2000

Sorry about the lack of updates last week but the beginning of the christmas silly season struck a little early and I was out for most of the weekend visiting relatives & going to parties etc.

The Genesis Project was One year Old last friday (another cause for celebration). This has turned out to be a much larger project than when I started, I originally estimated that it would take me around 6-8 months to finish, and I'm still working on it almost 18 months later! We would both like to thank everyone for their help and encouragement over the last year, and you never know next year we might actually get this thing done.

Now for this weeks update:

Alex Slater's Comix Zone Manual is now finished for you, as with the other manuals he sent in it's quite large so it opens up in it's own  browser window. You need to be in at least 800x600 to see it, and 1024x768  (or above) is really better.

Having seen the results of Alex's efforts I couldn't resist having a go myself, I have a very battered looking copy of the Afterburner 2 manual that really wasn't fit for scanning so I OCR'd it and replaced the screen shots (as closely as possible) with screen grabs and cleaned up the pictures that needed to be scanned by hand (Page 6 took ages - there was a big coffee mug ring on it!). I hope you enjoy the final result.

New Screen Shots added for: Bubsy.

Added Sonic's Secrets files to: Bubsy, Cannon Fodder, Chakan the Forever Man, Chuck Rock 2, Clue, College Slam, Columns, Combat Cars, Comix Zone, Cool Spot, Crue Ball, Crusader of Centy.

Stef released a new version of Gens this week (0.92b) also the Gens page moved so don't forget to update your bookmarks! Just 3 updated compatibility reports for this version: Art of Fighting, Barkley Shut Up & Jam!, Barkley Shut Up & Jam! 2.

We wish everybody a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

(Red5 & DezE)

8th December 2000

Alex Slater's Herzog Zwei Manual is now finished for you, as with the Vectorman manual he sent in a couple of weeks ago, its quite large so it opens up in it's own  browser window. You need to be in at least 800x600 to see it, and 1024x768  (or above) is really better.

Updated Herzog Zwei compatibility notes for Genecyst & KGen98. As it doesn't run particularly well in either emulator I also tested it in Gens and I'm happy to report it works just fine (& it's much more fun now I know what I'm doing!). I also used Gens to update the screenshots too. Whilst I was in the area I tidied up the table of contents for G-h to make navigation a little easier.

Alex has also submitted the manual for Comix Zone, which I'll try to add with the next update, and he tells me he's working on the manual for Dungeons and Dragons next.

Unfortunately with all the work on the manuals I haven't actually been able to get anything else done! The Comix Zone manual doesn't look like it will be as hard to prep. though so I'm hoping to be able to make some progress in other areas next week.

On a final note DezE is on holiday this week so there will be no one here to check any E-Mails for the next 8 days.


1st December 2000

Got all the C's into the new format & tidied up the Game Genie files.

Added missing reviews for:
College Football's National Championship 2 & Conquering the World 3.

Updated compatibility notes (KGen & Genecyst) for:
Cannon Fodder, Captain America, Captain Planet & the Planeteers, Castlevania Bloodlines, Champions World Class Soccer, Championship Pool, Chaos Engine, Chaos Engine 2, Chester Cheetah, Chester Cheetah 2, Chuck Rock 2, Clayfighter, Coach K College Basketball, Combat Cars, Comix Zone, Crayon Shin-Chan.

New screenshots for:
Caesar's Palace, Cagey Capers, California Games, Cannon Fodder, Captain America, Castlevania Bloodlines, Champions World Class Soccer, Championship Bowling, Championship Pool, Championship Pro-Am, ChaseHQ 2, Cheese Cat-Astrophe, Chester Cheetah, Chester Cheetah 2, Chi Chi's Pro Challenge, Chibi Makuro Chan, Chiki Chiki Boys, Chuck Rock, Chuck Rock 2, Clocktower, Clue, Coach K College Basketball, College Football 96, College Football 97, College Football's National Championship, College Slam, Columns, Columns 3, Combat Cars, Comix Zone, Contra Hard Corps, Cool Spot, Cosmic SpaceHead, Crack Down, Crayon Shin-Chan, Crystal's Pony Tale.

Alex Slater also sent me the manual for Herzog Zwei, unfortunately there wasn't enough time to finish this off and link it in with everything else so I'll add that with next week's update instead (sorry Alex). Also he tell's me that he's working on the manual for Comix Zone next.